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    來源:http://www.gdxinmeihua.com 發布時間:2021-09-08

    Although the radiology department in the hospital is a very important department, it is a more dangerous department. Because many people in and out of this department are in the state of radiation hazards, the hospital must take corresponding measures to ensure the safety of the radiology department. If possible, timely arrange the construction of radiation protection. What are the main aspects of radiation protection?
    The first is the fixed protection of the X-ray machine. We need to fully check the X-ray machine, such as whether its ball tube sleeve and sunshade leak rays, because if the rays are exposed, the doctors and patients in contact with it will be directly affected by the rays. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt shielding protection, such as X-ray tube shell, filter plate, lead screen, lead gloves, etc. This radiation protection construction must be completed as soon as possible. Doctors will not be affected by these rays when using correct X-ray examination operations.
    And if the hospital has conditions, try to let doctors and patients who go in for X-ray irradiation wear protective articles, such as lead aprons, lead gloves, lead hats, etc. Have you found that in the radiology department, the walls basically contain lead plates.
    If the hospital plans to carry out radiation protection construction, the Department can temporarily stop work or transfer patients. First, professional company personnel will go to the hospital for comprehensive verification to see what places need protection. During the verification, all details must be properly handled to avoid a trace of loopholes. Generally, according to different construction areas, it can be divided into top surface, wall and ground. What we may see with the naked eye in our daily life is the protection of the wall of the radiology department. In fact, there are also protection on the top surface and ground.
    There is an easily overlooked link in the construction of radiation protection, that is, the selection of the style of the safety door. There are two types of safety doors, such as flat open and push-pull, which can also be divided into manual and electric. Hospitals can choose according to the specific situation. Of course, companies engaged in radiation protection construction will also make relevant recommendations. They will tell you what style should be selected from a professional point of view. Basically, we will tell you the specific completion time before construction, so that the hospital can make full preparations. All subsequent construction time and construction progress are carried out in strict accordance with the contract. Therefore, if there is any dissatisfaction in this process, the hospital can ask the construction company to repair itself at any time.

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