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    來源:http://www.gdxinmeihua.com 發布時間:2021-10-19

    Water the boiler to a low visible water level, then inject the molten solution into the furnace and maintain a high water level. Then light it, heat it, and bring the stove to a boil. The operation of the furnace can be divided into two modes: atmospheric pressure and pressure. During normal pressure boiling, when the boiler water boils, keep the boiler water boiling with a small fire. After the pressure in the furnace rises to 1kg / cm2, keep it for a period of time (not less than 24 hours), and then reduce the pressure. After boiling and ceasing fire, gradually drain and make up water, and the furnace temperature shall drop slowly to prevent the generation of residual stress. Only when the boiler water temperature drops to about 50 ℃, the water can be released.
    When cooking under pressure, slowly increase the pressure, usually about 24 hours to 50% of the working pressure, and then maintain the temperature and pressure for a period of time (not less than 24 hours). The gas-fired steam boiler adopts the lower burner and two return structure. The fuel burns fully, the boiler operates stably and occupies less space. At the same time, the smoke pipe is inserted with spoiler to slow down the smoke exhaust speed and increase the heat exchange. The boiler has high thermal efficiency and reduce the user's use cost. The gas-fired hot water boiler has the remarkable characteristics of environmental protection, energy conservation, safety and full-automatic operation, It is very convenient to use. In addition, due to the operation economy and policy encouragement, the gas-fired hot water boiler is more and more favored by everyone.
    The above is the use of descaling device of gas-fired boiler introduced by Xiaobian. I hope you can understand it.

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